Diet and Exercise Tips to lose Post pregnancy Weight gain


Diet and Exercise Tips to lose Post pregnancy Weight gain

This is now a usual scenario for Women gaining weight after post pregnancy with many complications and changed diet pattern. If the baby was delivered through C-Section surgical procedures then there are lots of medicinal side effects and in normal circumstances which will also be the lactating mother can’t follow up any kind of diet model or regular intake of foods with equal intervals of time. This will lead to sudden weight increase steadily to an overweight zone.

Women tend to lose up weight after coming it into this over weight category specially after terminating the milk feeding for their babies. This is the ideal time to start up the diet and exercise for reducing extra pounds gained at the pregnancy and delivery.

Here are the lists of best workout and diet tips to lose up weight in healthy way at the time of post pregnancy.


A balanced diet with many fruits, vegetables, Good fat and lean proteins will re arrange the muscle alignment which is deformed and stressed during delivery or C-Section. Natural foods is said to start up the process of detoxification at the body for eliminating the extra fat and wastes which acts as an escalating agent for exercise.

Healing capacity is one of the vital processes for the body to cure itself the damages occurred during delivery and pregnancy. It is common fact that Women’s body experiences a kind of extreme stress and changeover at the pregnancy and child birth. So consuming it right amounts of Vitamin C rich foods and healthy sources of Omega Fatty acids is said to heal internal wounds and boosts up your immune system.

There are various natural herbs and Ayurvedic medicines such as Musta, Shatavari, Pulilehiyam etc., that wipes out the unwanted infections in Women and even increase lactation capacity after the delivery.

Work-out Tips

Pelvic floor Keel Exercises:

This kind of workouts is said to increase pelvic bone strength and nourishment which was said to be much stressed in your child birth. Start a very mild and less repetitive way and increase the intensity and counts with growing flexibility.

Joint Exercise: Bone density plays a main role in having healthy motherhood times where woman require lots of physical stamina to hangle their baby. So circulatory motions of each and every joints starting from neck to hand, Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Ankle joints will release the tension in those areas aiding for good done strength. This will also trigger the lymphatic system on your body to heal and cure all forms of disorientations caused at the time of delivery of the baby.

Stretching: Stretching exercises is said to help our body to achieve up the maximum blood circulation at all over the body to ease out the pain which was caused after delivery. Stretching exercises is said to be done with the help of your personal trainer so that a uniform balance must be obtained at your overall posture leading to increased stamina.

Aerobics: Any kind of moderate aerobics such as brisk walking, Zumba exercises and Yoga which ca strengthen the immune system of your body to regain the old body.