Chennai Rains To Revive On 19th and 20th December 2016


Low-pressure area has formed in the Bay of Bengal

Cyclonic storm Vardah gave immense rains over several parts of the country. So much so that several parts of Peninsular India witnessed massive rains. Three-digit rainfall was recorded over Chennai during its fury. In fact, several schools were closed and air and rail traffic was severely affected.

Now, Vardah lies in the Arabian Sea and has once again gained strength. It is currently a depression and is expected to give rains over Somalia and adjoining areas. Chennai rains have either been isolated light or no rains have occurred at all.

However, now, rains in Chennai are all set to make a comeback as another low-pressure area has formed in the Bay of Bengal. The system at present is over Southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining South Andaman Sea.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are already receiving good rains and more showers are expected during the next 24 hours. While Chennai rains are likely to be absent tomorrow, the city is expected to receive light to moderate showers on December 19 on account of the low-pressure area.

These rains are expected to continue on December 20 as well. However, the rainfall intensity is expected to be lesser than the previous day. These rains are expected to hinder the fifth test match being played between India and England in Chennai.

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