Causes of Metallic taste in Mouth


Causes of Metallic taste in Mouth

Bad breath is one of the main problem in many humans. The main cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene, There are various other causes of bad breaths too. Some various studies specifies that 90 percent of the people experience this weird taste in their mouth. We have listed out some main reasons for this problem. If you are under medications or witnessing the weird taste in the month is just because the body absorbs medicine and when it comes out in saliva that taste is better. If you are treated for cancer and this weird metallic taste experienced for you is the one and only result of chemotherapy. If you continue to face this bad breath problem then you have to visit a dentist to check on your oral health care and gums. If problem still continues then get your kidney tested and check whether it’s safe way to give solution to your problem. So the below comes some valid reasons for the metallic taste in the mouth. Have a look at it.

Poor Oral Hygiene:

If you ignore to brush your teeth twice in the day then it results to bad breath and in turn over a period of time, this might even turn into problems such as infection so called as gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth infection. Getting treated from a dentist will help you to ignore up the metallic taste and bad odour in the mouth.

poor oral hygiene


There are even more drugs that has adverse effect on antibiotics and health such as tetracycline; the gout medicine allopurinol; lithium which helps in treating certain psychiatric conditions and some sort of cardiac medications will result to bad breath. Drinking lot of water and juice will results to treat metallic taste in the mouth.

Side Effect Of Vitamins:

Vitamins are one of among the vital one in the body which is good for the health but some of multivitamins might contain heavy metals like copper, zinc or chromium which tend to bring a metallic taste in the mouth at time. The taste will vanish when the body processes the vitamins or medicines.



Most common problem of metallic taste is due to infection that occurred in either upper respiratory organ or it might be because of cold or any sinusitis that changed up your sense of taste to metallic.


Cancer Treatments:

If cancer patient undergo radiation or chemotherapy then you might experience a metallic taste in mouth. This might reduce when the medication comes to end.



At the time of early pregnancy, most of the women find their sense of taste changes from metallic or sour. This is not at all a problem to be worried. Change your diet to add a fresh fruits and health vegetables and allow it to be a balanced one.



Are you aware that taste buds are connected by nerves to the brain?, people who are suffering from dementia often have lots of taste abnormalities.


Exposure To Chemicals:

Inhale of high level chemical substances can produce a metallic taste. This is the one and only reason of why you develop that metallic taste in the mouth.