Causes of Mental Issues in Woman


Causes of Mental Issues in Woman


Women suffer more and more stress than men which has proved by various eminent scientist. Stress causes a small chemical changes in brain which causes the deep depression in women because of these its necessary to go for a lifelong treatment


Women Abortion

Recent research has shown that the women who have history of abortions have numerous risk factors of mental problems.  Scientists have proven that most of the women gets mental health problem only because of abortions




This is the main cause for most of the women getting depressed. Its due to hormonal changes with both mental and physical changes such as osteoporosis, dry skin, mood swings, irritation and feel the depression or other mental issues



A recent survey shows that most of the women suffer compared to men suffer from depression due to numerous reasons such as depression during pregnancy, hormonal changes, isolation and more



It’s a kind of mental condition for fearing unknown aspect. People who suffer from phobias easily get irritated, suffered from hatred and agitated. It is vast mental condition that will vary from one individual to other. Women are mostly suffered due to these mental issues