Best Payment services by Google


Unified Payment services by Google

Google has announced that the launch of unified payment service app for its Google Pay platform. Google pay is said to combine the features of already exisiting Google Wallet and Android Pay. This new app is said to being rolled out in select countries such as USA and UK.

The app provides the best simple interface where the user is allowed to store debit and credit card details, loyalty programs and many other such linked payment services. On an Android platform, Google stated that this app will be one stop destination for many users who is shopping and for other payment requirements.

In its official blog, Google stated that its working to find partners globally, both online and in physical stores. Google stated that its users will see better support both in apps, on websites and even at POS machines. The Home tab on its new app gives users access to all information needed when shopping or making any transaction, such as recent purchases, searching for nearby stores and even access to other rewards.