Best Cooling Foods for the summer


Best Cooling Foods for the summer

Nowadays the mercury level is rising to new highs every day; summer seems to be more increasing. Temperatures are been scorching high and humidity levels is increasing between 70 and 80 percent. Most of us feel dehydrated and low on energy in such a climate and we look for ways to cool ourselves. Our body needs cooling foods to balance our diet and to keep our energy level in stable condition.

 Curd/ Yogurt

Curd is said to be one of the delicious coolant. You can make many delicious chilled spicy buttermilk, a glass of lassi or raita. You can also add fruits to the curds to make such a lip smacking and best dessert or prepare dips at the time of summer season.


Coconut water

Coconut has full of health benefits and has a well wonderful cooling properties. Its with simple sugars and essential minerals which makes the body well hydrated. In addition to that there is also an evidence that coconut water has cancer fighting and anti ageing properties.

coconut water


Another fruit that make you can cool. We are not suggesting to buy chopped watermelon slices sold by the roadside vendors. They should never be consumed if you think to avoid the risk of diarrhea infection. Buy a watermelon cool which has lots of its benefit from the antioxidant present in the delicious fruit.

water melon


Crunchy vegetable costs little have lots of fiber that has a lot of constipation at bay. It can make each of your bites to be cruncher




Mint is an easy one which is simple one, inexpensive herb which can add to curd to make an excellent pudina ratia or have it in the form of chutneys into its dips. The best thing is that you can grow it in small pots at home. We love due to the refreshing and delicious taste.

mint leaves

Green veggies

Green veggies have lots of use during summer as they have lots of water content. Avoid overcooking to loss of water in them.

green veggies


Onions are one of the main cooling properties. It’s essential to add it on to your curries, ratias and dips, salads and chutneys in order to keep you cool. Red onions are rich in quercetin which has a high anti allergen. A lots of onions can make use to protect you against sunstroke.



Another fruit is the melon which has nearly 90% water and has lots of water in to stay cool and well hydrated during summers.


Lime water

Simple lime water or nimboo pani is a refreshing drink and it also has an enormous health benefits for you. You have it both in sweet, salted or to add a dash of black salt and cumin powder in to it. Have it chilled inorder to beat the heat.

lime water

Ice creams

Summers can never be fulfilled without ice creams. Ice candies will bring back the child in you. Add some fresh fruits on to it and make them sound your taste buds once a while.