Benefits of Rasam


Benefits of Rasam

Siddha medicine people has a daily food intake which helps to get enough supplement with the intake of different ingredients such as garlic, asafetida, pepper, cumin seeds, mint leaves, curry leaves, coriander, mustard, ginger, etc. Though we include up many ingredients for cooking parts of various dishes, the one and only recipe that has types of goodness contained is none other than Rasam.

There are different types of Rasam varities such as Lemon Rasam, Pepper Rasam, Tamarind Rasam, Corainder Rasam, Pineapple Rasam and many more ingredients are mentioned in Siddha medicine which is all varieties of Rasam. This is also called as an Antidote. It balances up the insufficiency of minerals and vitamins in our body.

Both soup and Rasam have a good ability to fight against fatigue, loss of appetite distaste, flatulence, etc. Siddha medicine allows food as the sole medicine. Rasam truly complies with this motto of Siddha.

Cumin seeds

This helps to overcome flatulence, get a trouble in getting rid of asthma and phlegm in throat


It get rid of many stomach related ailments which prevents fit and stabilizes your mind and body


This helps to get rid of fever and helps to properly function your kidney. It helps to bring down the body temperature and makes to get rid of dryness in tongue which improves eye sight. This enhances sexual relationship in newly married couples.

Curry leaves

This helps to make the body firm and well built. It also prevents many kinds of problems like indigestion, diabetes, and troubles in kidney. Its said that the curry leaves need to be chewed and taken in


This process help to fight against many kinds of heart diseases such as intestinal problems, kidney stones, liver problems and many more


This helps to fight against nervous weakness, infertility and many more. It reduces knee pain and headaches too. Its mandatory to add a less amount of tamarind