Beneficial of Red Bananas

Beneficial of Red Bananas

Red bananas contains anti-oxidants.It is rich in high quality Potassium.Red bananas prevents formation of stones in the urinary path.It is also very rich in Vitamin ā€˜Cā€™,It has 50% fibre content.Red bananas also has beta-carotene which cures eye-diseases.

Persons affected with nervous fatigue can take 1 red banana every night. If this is taken for 48 days, the nervous system gets strengthened. Virility or masculinity gets more uniform & balanced.Childless couple can take 1 red banana each with half-a-teaspoon of honey. According to medical experts, if this is done continuously for 40 days, the wife will conceive.

Red banana is a great remedy for people with eye-sight problems. When eye-sight starts deteriorating, if 1 red banana is taken daily, the eyes-sight will improve and recover.

People suffering from night-blindness can take 1 red banana daily for 40 days after dinner. They can certainly find that it has got cured.

For wounds on the body skin, even if there is no medicine applied, taking red banana for 7 days will cure them and all other skin problems as well.Red banana also has the medicinal property of killing the germs which cause infection.Taking a red plantain once a week will keep infections away!