Avoid buying medicines through online

Avoid buying medicines through online

All India Pharmaceutical Association has warned the public medicines procured through internet may be harmful to health. The Association has come across in selling medicines through online is to be an illegal one

The president of the Association, Mr. J L Shinde that medicine is just not like many other items. Hence,, allowing to be sold online will tantamount to playing with public lives.

Hence, he had pleaded that immediate action must be taken to stop medicine sale online!

Hair care tips in Summer

Managing your hair in the hot summer has become a challenge one. For those who love your hair. Here are few tips to care for your hair:

Use the proper comb:

Use proper comb to talk out knots in your hair using wrong comb will lead to hair breakage and long term damage. Use wide teeth comb for better results.

Cover your hair

Exposure to harsh sunlight dries up the hair. Protect your hair by wearing hat or scarf. At least use umbrella when you go out