Apollo denies Jayalalithaas death stated on life support


Apollo denies Jayalalithaa’s death stated on life support

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest stated by Tamil TV channels like Sun TV and Tanti TV on Monday evening. Violence broke out at Apollo hospital soon as the news started out. At 6 pm, Apollo hospital ignored this rumors on the report of Jayalalithaa’s death saying she is still alive. Party flag was said to be flying half mast at AIADMK headquarters in Chennai after the rumors on her death but it started flying full mast after the denial’s of hospital. Chief Minister has been in Apollo since September 22, had suffered the cardiac arrest on Sunday evening.

Party MLAs are said to meet later at the evening to chalk out next course of action. Party sources stated that they did not reveal about the agenda of the meeting scheduled at the evening.



Liveonindia team kindly request all the medias not publish any rumors