8 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy To Make A Baby Smart


8 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy To Make A Baby Smart

Every mother dreams to get a smart and intelligent babies. All this happens only with the help of mother’s diet. If mother is not said to take proper supplements such as folic acid, iron, vitamin D etc, there are many chances to get deficiency for both baby and mother. Baby to be born mentally weak with various behavioral problems

Interesting Facts About Babies

Whatever women eat during the time of pregnancy will affect the mental and physical development of their child. Try to have some foods that increase the brain power of your child. Eat foods at the time you decide to conceive. These foods that helps to increase the IQ of your baby.

How Breast Feeding Helps In A Child’s Future

Your new born baby has 25 percent size of a normal adult brain. When he becomes 2 year, his brain size is 75 percent. The first two years of a child is very important for the brain development. Have a look at some foods that you can eat during pregnancy to get smart baby.

Fatty Fish

Fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and many more are rich in omega- 3 fatty acids. It is one of the important one for the brain development of your babies. According to the study, mother who ate less than two serves of fish per week will give birth to low IQs as compared to the children born to mothers who ate at least two servings of fish per week.



Eggs are highly rich in amino acid choline which develops in high increase of memory in babies. Pregnant ladies must eat two eggs per day which provides half recommended daily amount of choline for pregnant women. Eggs also have a high iron and protein which increases the birth weight. Low birth weights are related to low IQ



Your body works too hard in order to form nerve cells of the baby inside your womb. You need to have extra protein. High protein rich foods such as yoghurt are known to be one of the best sources of protein. Yoghurt contains calcium that is one of best source needed during pregnancy


Spinach, Lean Chicken and Beans

High rich iron makes your baby smarter. They must intake iron food during the time of pregnancy. Iron is one of the main things which send oxygen to the brain cells of food during your pregnancy time. Iron supplement are to be taken on your doctor’s advice



Fruits like blueberries, tomatoes and red beans which are highly rich in antioxidants which must be taken during pregnancy. These type of fruits help the baby’s brain tissue to get a better development.


Vitamin D

It is one of the important thing for the development of babies brain. According to the study which tells that mothers must have proper supplement of Vitamin D to give birth to babies with low brain power. It’s necessary to have vitamin D supplements which includes the exposure to sunlight. Intake of eggs, cheese, beef, liver etc is the high vitamin D source.



Deficiency of Iodine during pregnancy which is particularly in the first 12 weeks results to the low IQ power in children. It’s necessary to take high iodized salt during the time of pregnancy. We have sea fish, oysters, eggs, yoghurt etc. as a source of iodine.


Folic Acid foods

Folic Acid foods are very important for the development and formation of your baby’s brain cells. According to the latest research has shown that pregnant ladies who took folic acid 4 weeks before and 8 weeks after pregnancy are 40 percent less chances in giving autistic babies. There are many sources of folic acid such as green leafy vegetables such as spinach lentils etc. You also have to take folic acid supplement along with vitamin B12.