Get the smart ration card within 7 days


Get the smart ration card within 7 days after receiving SMS

The new smart ration cards are being dispersed from first April 1st 2017 replacing the old ration cards. The ration card holder will get SMS once the smart ration card is printed and prepared.

Once the SMS is gotten, the ration card holder can visit his allocated ration shop within 7 working days with the old ration card, and after showing the received SMS can get the new smart ration card in allocated ration shop.

The individuals who had not outfitted their Aadhar card subtle elements can do it while accepting the new smart ration card.

Based on the internet details of the ration card application and the received attachments from the e-service centres by the PDS office, they will give the approval to issue the smart ration card through internet.

The SMS will carry the details of new ration card, whether the application was approved/rejected, the names of the family members, the correction particulars of names added/removed, etc. about the new smart ration card to be issued.