3 Days Holiday for all Bank Sectors


Bank Leave for┬áNext 3 Days ( 11th March – 13th March 2017)

As the following three days will be holidays for all private and govt bank sectors, the Indian Banks Association has asked for every one of the clients to complete off their emergency banking transactions by today. A large portion of the banks will stay close tomorrow as it is second Saturday. On Sunday, it’s vacation as well and the 13th March 2017, Monday tumbles to be Holi celebration.

IBA, in its announcement, has instructed every one of the banks to complete the necessary banking transactions within 10th March 2017

The 2nd and 4th Saturdays of of every month will be holidays, as per the 10th bipartite wage settlement between bank unions and IBA. What’s more, banks will be functional on other Saturdays.