14 years old girl gang raped in Uttar Pradesh

14 years old girl gang raped in Uttar Pradesh


It was a gruesome incident of a 14 year old girl who was allegedly gangraped by her neighbors in Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh.

Three men on a bike came and picked up the girl who forced her to drink that left her unconscious. A medical test revealed about her rape. A matchbox, cloth, inch of long piece wood, plastic was inserted in her private parts.

The girl stated that she had gone to buy biscuits and sweets in morning, when a boy lives nearby to her home told that someone was waiting for her. When she went with him, two other boys joined with them and tied her up. They took her to a field on a bike and committed the crime, she said.

The rapists threatened to kill her, if she tend to tell the incident to anyone and slapped her repeatedly. She was up to the shock for three days, she broke up the incident to her cousin who helped in lodging the complaint to police. Two of the three men, have been arrested.

Badaun, has been in the spotlight after bodies of two cousins were found hanging from a tree. Murky investigation, hostile witnesses and lack of cooperation from the state government put the district in limelight, for all the wrong reasons. The CBI, which later took over the case, said that the girls had committed suicide.


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