10 Yummy Fish Fry


10 Yummy Fish Fry

Fish is beneficial to everyone. It is one of the many ingredients which has the highest amount of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. There are a lot of people who generally avoid meats like chicken, beef and mutton, but love fish because of its varied taste and health benefits. Fish is also an expensive meat but with it comes a ton of benefits. Consuming fish twice in a week will help to boost the immunity in adults and improves the eye and nerve development in babies and children. Grilled fish, fried fish, smoked and curry fish recipes are simply the best for you to prepare and enjoy.

Andhra-Style Fish Fry Recipe

A very high amount of zesty spices is customary in any Andhra style recipe. This is a traditional Indian fish recipe and has its customary excesses of oil and spices. So this dish is not for healthy freaks but a must for food freaks!


Bengali Fish without Onions

Nothing delights a Bengali more than his favourite maacher jhol and bhath (fish curry and rice). So, Bengalis take a lot of pain to experiment with their favourite item, fish.


Butter Fish Fry

Butter fish fry is a very popular Bengali recipe. It is a very simple fish recipe where some fish fillets are marinated and then fried in a batter. This butter fish recipe is generally eaten as a complement to the main course dish.


Fish Do Pyaza

It is a simple recipe which is not very spicy and can be prepared without much fuss. As the name suggests, ‘do pyaza’ means two onions which actually signifies that the recipe requires almost double the quantity of onions compared to any regular fish curry. 



Macher Jhol

Macher jhol is a very delicious and spicy fish stew that is served with rice. The aroma of garlic and ginger cooked in mustard oil can tempt you.



Masala Grilled Fish Recipe

Masala grilled fish is one of those rare Indian recipes that are not spicy yet tastes delicious.The spices used to make masala grilled fish includes coriander powder and dry mango powder also known as amchur.



Meen Moilee

Kerala Fish Curry The fish is cooked in a coconut milk stew with very little spices so that the flavour of the fish dominates the dish. This lovely fish curry tastes absolutely divine and it is a must try if you love to eat fish.


Homemade Rava Fish Fry Recipe

Rava fish fry is a homemade fish fry dish that can give competition to any restaurant or café’s menu. Sooji is used in this fish fry recipe. Rava fish fry is crisp and delectable as it is rolled in sooji or semolina.


Tel Koi Fish Recipe

Tel Koi is a dish that is rarely heard of by people who are non-Bengalis. It is not a malai curry or jhol that is popular in urban legends of Bengali food


Thai Seer Fish Curry Recipe

This afternoon, we present to you a Thai seer fish curry. This yummy fish recipe is one of a kind, since we do not add oil to the dish. Cooking the Thai seer fish curry without oil is beneficial for those who are on a weight loss program.