10 Foods to avoid Ulcer


10 Foods to avoid Ulcer

There are many foods to avoid ulcers and save you from burning sensation in stomach that caused. Before discussing about ulcer prevention food, it is essential to understand what ulcers are. Ulcers are known to be a wounds or break lining of stomach, lower oesophagus or in small intestine that get irritated when exposed to spices in your food or digestive juices and acid fluid in empty stomach.

Ulcers are known to be associated with terrible pain in the upper abdominal region gastritis, belching, poor appetite and burning sensation in the chest and stomach. Proper diet is essential to prevent further aggravation or prevention of ulcers. Also, doctors recommend the patients to quit smoking and, avoid NSAIDs, alcohol and unwanted medication that might irritate the stomach lining.

Honey magic

This anti septic and bacertial wonder food fights all types of open wounds and breaks specially the one in ulcers. Honey also avoid unwanted growth and their cure



Yoghurt and other low fat products

Yoghurt and other low fat dairy products especially yoghurt, are full of probiotics and healthy bacteria that prevents ulcer and also cures existing ones.


Lean meats and poultry

Lean meat and poultry prominent foods that prevent stomach ulcers.Add them to your diet plan to avoid ulcers due to their low fat and salt content.

lean meat



Cabbage is the king of foods that can prevent ulcers due to its S-methylmethionine that fights and cures ulcers at the same time.



About half a cup of sprouts, especially Brussels sprouts, prevent ulcers in the body. They contain compounds that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body and kill the bad bacteria that are already present.



Cauliflower has an extremely high content of sulforaphane compound that essentially fights and prevents ulcers in the stomach. This favourite Indian food is also the best foods that prevent ulcers along with providing a handsome amount of Vitamin C and fibres.


High foods fibre

Fibres are considered essential in every stomach or intestine related disorders especially in peptic or gastric ulcers. You must include fiber rich foods that help prevent ulcers to your diet to gain maximum benefits.

high fibre food


Pears are extremely rich in healthy flavonoids and anti-oxidants that prevent gastric ulcers. Also, they are extremely rich in fibres that regulate the digestive process in the body.



Not all oils are considered healthy in ulcers. Only two types of oils work as foods that prevent ulcers. They are olive oil and canola oil. They help prevent stomach ulcers because of the high content of healthy fats.




Last on the list of foods that can prevent ulcers is the ever green vegetable-Broccoli. Studies have confirmed that broccoli contains certain healthy compounds such as sulforaphane that help in prevention and cure of the painful ulcers.