0.5% Discount on Booking of Season Tickets


Provision of discount of 0.5% on booking Tickets

Ministry of Railways have plan that 0.5% discount in the essential charge of First class/Second class Season tickets (Month to month, quarterly, Half yearly, yearly) over rural segment might be allowed in the event that the payment is made through advanced means through debit card, credit card and so forth. Different charges like MUTP extra charge, Mela additional charge, service tax, and so on if appropriate should be required on the base fare arrived at subsequent to giving the 0.5% concession.

For example, given the present toll for Second class Month to month season ticket is Rs.750 for 100 kms, the discount of 0.5% on fundamental charge ie., Rs.750 amounts to Rs.3.75 (adjusted off to Rs.4). Henceforth, the fare arrived in the wake of deducting 0.5% discount is Rs.746.

The 0.5% discount will likewise be deducted from First class and Second Class Season ticket least minimum fares.

Different charges like MUTP additional charge, Mela extra charge,service tax, and so on., if material should be exacted independently on the fare arrived of giving 0.5% discount and the aggregate so arrived at.

The above discount might be actualized with impact from 01.01.2017.